Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Common Features of Vibrators

I have been asked many times by friends who know I am a sex toy reviewer, what are the common features that vibrators have? Here are the most common features.


Lelo Soraya
Lelo Soraya, waterproof, multi-function, rechargeable, body-safe
Not all vibrators are waterproof. You need to choose wisely if you wish to take your toy to the bath or shower with you. Some are only 'splash-proof' which means that they cannot be submerged. Waterproof toys are also a lot easier to clean.

The beautiful thing about owning a vibrator with the multi-speed function is that you get to control the speed. This gives you control and you can set a speed that works for you.

It is now becoming common for vibrators to come with varying vibration patterns or pulsations as well as the multi-speed feature. This feature will offer varying patterns of vibration making it fun for you to find the pulse that suits you and your mood.

Vibrators come in three forms of power, battery power, rechargeable or mains power. One of the main advantages of the battery powered and rechargeable powered have over the mains powered vibrators is that they are not restricted to a nearby power supply and they are portable. Some rechargeable toys now come with USB chargers, and the thing is to consider with USB rechargeable toys is how and when to recharge them. Battery charged can run out fast and will need to be replaced, so if you go for this option make sure you have freshly charged batteries or spares on hand at all times!

WeVibe Touch
WeVibe Touch, waterproof, multi-function, rechargeable, body-safe
Vibrators commonly come in three materials being silicone, hard plastic or rubber/latex (jelly). I would most definitely only recommend vibrators that are phthalate free. Also make sure that you are using a lube that is suitable for the material of your vibrator, Pleasure Heaven has an excellent article on which lubes are suited to what materials - Oils Ain't Oils..

You will notice that most of the popular vibrators have all of the above features and are rechargeable, the more features your vibrator has, the less likely you are going to get bored with it and feel the need to update!

I purchase all of my sex toys from Pleasure Heaven, they have a wide range of top quality brands with all of the latest products available and if you are after something that they don't have listed they will do their best to stock it for you!

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