Monday, 23 March 2015

My View on Luxury Sex Toys

Should you spend more on a luxury toy when you could buy something similar for less than half the price? Are luxury toys worth the extra cost?

I will explain why I believe that luxury sex toys are a fantastic investment, the benefits of choosing a luxury sex toy and why paying a little more will pay off for years to come.

Luxury sex toys have superior build quality, use materials of the highest quality, designed to last and are designed by top designers. Paying more for a luxury toy might be seen as an expensive purchase at first but not having to replace it as often as the cheaper versions will have your investment pay off eventually.

Lelo Alia
My preferred power option for luxury sex toys is long lasting rechargeable batteries. By choosing a luxury toy not only do you not have to worry about buying and changing batteries but you will be helping with the environment.  Some luxury vibrators can also be charged via a USB.

The materials used to make a sex toy is extremely important. Most luxury sex toys are crafted from the highest quality materials such as body-safe silicone and is phthalates free, meaning you will never have to worry about toxic chemicals in or near your body.

Want to take your favourite toy to the bath or shower? The majority of the latest luxury sex toys are 100% waterproof.

Lester by Svakom
Lester by Svakom
Luxury sex toys have powerful and quiet motors. Quiet motors means no one next door will hear you! Luxury sex toys are equipped with most innovative technology, they range from pulsating toys, wireless products, remote controls, warming properties and multiple speeds and settings meaning more variety and better stimulation and orgasms.

Most people who use luxury sex toys never go back to regular sex toys again. So, if you want a toy that is made of the highest quality, durable, waterproof and you don't want to keep changing those little batteries, then definitely get your hands on a luxury sex toy!

Luxury brands include Lelo, Je Joue, JimmyJane, Svakom, Crave, Dorcel and We-Vibe.

I purchase my luxury range from

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